Father's Day Freak Out?

We got you covered.  This is the finest book ever written in honor of the daddies we all know and love. If you don't have access to a perfectly honed Japanese katana and you don't feel like giving him a week in Boulder with his three best buddies to do — whatever, then click this button:

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Premium Yuks, Guaranteed

"I can pretty much guarantee a few giggles will occur when reading this book, and that's probably because more than a few readers will relate. Recommended for families whose dads like to live a bit on the 'wild' side."

Dead-On Balls Accurate

"The digital illustrations reinforce the girl's misconceptions to comedic effect and emphasize the genuine affection between father and child. Clearly, he is perfect in her eyes, despite his penchant for walking around the house in his underpants and questionable singing ability."



Daddy Sat On A Duck

(epub) (Kindle)

Daddy Said A Word I Never Heard

(epub) (Kindle)